Friday, August 12, 2011

Two days of setup and counting...

It's still a little overwhelming, but I'm actually enjoying going through everything in my new classroom. I'm getting rid of a ton of stuff! As suggested by Debbie Diller in Spaces & Places, I started with one spot and worked my way around. I began here next to the doorway with the closet and cabinets. I took everything out, and certainly did not put everything back in! All the stuff above the cabinets was taken down and only minimal things have been replaced. I don't like the look of stacked 'stuff' up there.
Around 7:00p.m. one of the nights, my husband called to see if I could go with friends for pizza. I sent him this picture, telling him this was only one little corner of stuff I have to work on. He replied, "See you tomorrow!" :o)
I didn't return today because it was supposed to be in the 80s. In our school (sans AC), it gets rather toasty. I plan to go back this weekend to keep sorting, organizing, giving away, and tossing. Once I have that done, I'll start working on the actual setting up of the different classroom areas. I can't wait!

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